Aug 26

Boardroom Ground Rules

Ground Rules Worth Considering – “From Board Dynamics copyright 2004, 2012 by NACD and Lorin Letendre & Ann James”

– No interruptions except by the chairperson

– Confront in a respectful and nonthreatening manner

– No side conversations

– Think about unintended consequences of remarks before making them

– Speak directly and candidly in a professional manner

– Treat everyone, including management, with respect and consideration

– Fully understand the problem before proposing solutions

– No “sacred cows,” no “stupid questions”

– Don’t take probing questions as a challenge or an affront

– Agree to disagree (don’t always have to have unanimity)

– Take or make time to deal with substantive issues

– Everyone contributes; don’t hold back for sake of harmony

– Speak with one voice to management, through the chairperson

– Maintain your sense of humor

Aug 23

Top Ten Mistakes Boards Make

TOP TEN MISTAKES THAT BOARDS MAKE – “From Charity Lawyer Blog copyright 2009 by Ellis Carter”

1. Failing to understand fiduciary duties—duty of good faith, due care, loyalty

2. Failing to provide effective oversight

3. Micro-managing staff

4. Avoiding the hard questions or tough problems

5. Insufficient conflict management

6. Lacking awareness of governing documents and tax-exempt rules

7. Airing disagreements outside the boardroom

8. Failing to educate and motivate board members

9. Failing to document actions appropriately

10. Failing to evaluate and hold executive director accountable

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