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BoardroomResultive Boards:

Developed to provide exactly the services your board needs or wants. Our principals and partners are seasoned board directors, CEOs, director education faculty members, board governance authors, and qualified Myers-Briggs ™ trainers.


Offering expert board consultations from initial board assessments to:

Designing & facilitating board retreats            Board structure and functioning
Strategic planning and goal setting                 Board-management relations
Chairing the board and committees                Director selection and orientation
Transitions and succession planning              Board and director evaluation
Comparison with board best practices           Managing board dynamics
Renewing mission statements                        Committee structure and roles


The Myers-Briggs™ Advantage:

Bring the power of personality dynamics to augment board performance by applying personality type principles and profiles to improving your board processes and results. For a nominal fee we provide individual and team type reports that illuminate the advantages of type diversity in decision making and problem solving.

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