Feb 04

What’s the Most Important Role of the Board Chair?

“I agree with Sir Adrian Cadbury, author of two outstanding books on chairing boards, that the most important role of the chair of a board is to guide the board to the best decisions it can make. Not just decisions based on compromise or quid pro quo, but decisions based on (1) a clear understanding of the issue(s) involved or problem(s) to be solved, (2) an identification and exploration of alternative solutions, (3) an evaluation of those alternative solutions with regard to fit with the organization’s mission, financial impact, and impact on the customers and the staff–and finally, (4) deciding which is the best alternative and having everyone on the board getting behind it. Even if a board member doesn’t agree with the final decision, it is incumbent on every board member to support and abide by the decision, until such time as there may be an opportunity to change it.”

Lorin Letendre