Aug 26

Boardroom Ground Rules

Ground Rules Worth Considering – “From Board Dynamics copyright 2004, 2012 by NACD and Lorin Letendre & Ann James”

– No interruptions except by the chairperson

– Confront in a respectful and nonthreatening manner

– No side conversations

– Think about unintended consequences of remarks before making them

– Speak directly and candidly in a professional manner

– Treat everyone, including management, with respect and consideration

– Fully understand the problem before proposing solutions

– No “sacred cows,” no “stupid questions”

– Don’t take probing questions as a challenge or an affront

– Agree to disagree (don’t always have to have unanimity)

– Take or make time to deal with substantive issues

– Everyone contributes; don’t hold back for sake of harmony

– Speak with one voice to management, through the chairperson

– Maintain your sense of humor